Teddy Bear Beach Cupcakes

If you follow this blog on Facebook or Twitter, you got a sneak peek of today’s post last week.  Last week we celebrated the end of kindergarten for O, the end of third grade for M, and the end of the school year that felt like it would never end.  A tropical storm and other weather events ate up all of the built-in snow days, and any days off that were left were consumed when the kids had a week off due to the February blizzard and other big snow storms.  It seemed so odd to be sending the kiddos off for their annual Fourth of July trip to grandma’s just days after school let out.  When the kiddos return on Friday it’s time for our camping trip with friends and I can’t get over that last year it felt like there was an eternity between the end of the school year and packing up the tents.

O’s class celebrated the end of the year with a beach themed party.  He was pretty excited to be wearing his new sunglasses to school, but he was even more excited that I volunteered to send in some cupcakes.  I wanted to keep with the beach theme so a teddy bear day at the beach was a great idea.  The school’s mascot is a bear, and O loves his teddy bear (they’ve been known to wear matching pajamas) so these were perfect.  Because I’d rather not be thrown out of the PTA, I decided to give the sunbathing bears some frosting swim suits.  Maybe I over think things like this, but I had visions of O pointing out that there are naked bears on his cupcake, and the classroom disintegrating into hysterical giggling as I get a phone call from the office.  Don’t think this could happen?  You clearly haven’t met O or his classmates.  Luckily I had frosting hanging around from the decorate-your-own cupcakes at M’s slumber party.  If you don’t have frosting hanging around already, leave yourself enough white frosting before coloring the rest blue for the cupcakes, separate it into bowls and add food coloring to make the colors you’d like for the bathing suits.  These are really simple to make once the ingredients are assembled, and they were loved by both kids and adults at the end of the year beach party.

teddy bear beach party cupcakes

Teddy Bear Beach Party Cupcakes


  • 24 of your favorite cupcakes
  • batch of buttercream frosting (divided if you need to color frosting for swim suits)
  • 1 C. graham cracker crumbs
  • assorted food coloring
  • 48 Teddy Graham cookies
  • 2 rolls (from a 6 count package) Fruit by the Foot
  • 24 Life Savers Gummies (or Peach Rings, or Gummy Rings would also work)
  • 24 drink umbrellas


If you need to make frosting for the teddy bear’s bathing suits (I only gave the bears that would be laying out on towels swimsuits), separate about 1/8 of the batch of buttercream frosting into as many bowls as you’d like swim suit colors (you will need a really small amount of each color).  Add food coloring to make desired colors, then transfer to resealable plastic bags.  Snip a tiny piece of the corner of the bag off and pipe on the swimsuits.  Allow the frosting to dry before proceeding.

Take the remaining buttercream and add blue food coloring until the frosting reaches the desired color for the “water.”

Frost the top of each cupcake evenly with the blue frosting.

Dip half of each cupcake into the graham cracker crumbs and lightly press the crumbs into the frosting so that they stick.

To assemble the bears in “tubes,” gently push the legs of the Teddy Graham through the Life Saver Gummie until the gummie is around the bear’s “waist.”

Insert the legs of the bear in his “tube” into the top of the cupcake, in the “water.”

To assemble the bears on “towels,” unroll the rolls of Fruit by the Foot and cut pieces roughly 1 inch long until you have 24 one inch towels.

Pipe a small amount of frosting onto the back of 24 of the Teddy Grahams (for me, these were the same 24 that had swim suits piped on) and press the Teddy Graham onto the piece of Fruit by the Foot.

Peel the wax paper backing off of the piece of Fruit by the Foot, pipe a small amount of frosting onto the back of the Fruit by the Foot, and press the “towel” onto the graham cracker crumbs on top of the cupcake.  Repeat until each cupcake has a bear in a tube and a bear on a towel.

Unfold and place the drink umbrellas into the cupcakes.

Makes 24 decorated cupcakes.

Source: idea adapted from Betty Crocker

teddy bear cupcakes


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