2016 Twelve Days of Oscar Roundup

It’s time to close out another 12 Days of Oscar.  The 88th Academy Awards ceremony will air tonight hosted by Chris Rock, from the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.  This year’s awards are laden with criticism concerning the lack of diversity among this year’s nominees.  Several of Hollywood’s elite are boycotting this year’s awards, while several more are reminding the public that these awards are based on merit and not ethnicity.  The Academy has promised to review the nomination and voting procedures for future awards.

Not counting the four nominees I covered this year, I have a fifty per-cent success rate at picking a winner.  Of the sixteen films I have covered when they were current nominees, eight of them have won at least one of the Oscars for which they were nominated.  Tonight we’ll find out if any of the four in this year’s lineup go on to boost my average.

Without further delay, here are the films celebrated in this year’s 12 Days of Oscar:


Egg Rolls, for Gypsy

shawarma 1

Chicken Shawarma for The Avengers

fig newtons

Fig Newtons for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Mitch's sausage chili- topped

Mitch’s Sausage and Black Bean Chili for Bull Durham

chicken enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas for Babel


Crumpets for My Fair Lady

sun dried tomato basil hummus

Sun Dried Tomato Basil Hummus for Zero Dark Thirty

broccoli pizza

Broccoli pizza for Inside Out

fish stew

Fish Stew for The Big Short

creamed spinach

Creamed Spinach for Carol

scallopine with lemon butter sauce

Chicken Scallopine for Brooklyn 



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