2016 Twelve Days of Oscar Roundup

It’s time to close out another 12 Days of Oscar.  The 88th Academy Awards ceremony will air tonight hosted by Chris Rock, from the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.  This year’s awards are laden with criticism concerning the lack of diversity among this year’s nominees.  Several of Hollywood’s elite are boycotting this year’s awards, while several … More 2016 Twelve Days of Oscar Roundup

Egg Rolls

It seems like for the last few years, I’ve taken a break from writing here and then I crawl out of hibernation sometime around mid-February.  First, the days get shorter.  Then the holiday season starts.  Once that’s over, I’m tired and I want to focus on making tried-and-true favorites that don’t really demand much from … More Egg Rolls

Nacho Cheese Sauce

I’m a spectator for all seasons.  Football takes me from fall through the winter.  Hockey gets me from winter to spring.  Baseball gets me from spring to fall.  No matter what sporting event we take the kids to see, I suspect they’re not really there for the on-field or on-ice action.  Last summer after five … More Nacho Cheese Sauce

Scallion Pancakes

We started a small container garden last weekend and I’m equal parts nervous and excited about this.  For starters, the last time I engaged in any major gardening was when I followed my dad around the yard and into our back yard garden as a child.  I’ve grown herbs from kits and sadly they wound … More Scallion Pancakes