Guinness Brownies

It’s not a big secret that I rarely show up empty-handed. “What can I bring?” is usually the first question I ask when I accept an invite to most places.  The Harvard-Yale football game tailgate, back in November, was no exception. Let me add, everything you know about tailgating is wrong once you see a Harvard-Yale … More Guinness Brownies

Hershey’s Best Brownies

I’m of the mindset that brownies should be fudgey.  Those who enjoy cake-like brownies just confuse me.  When I want chocolate cake, I make chocolate cake, not brownies.  No offense.  I just like my brownies chocolatey and gooey and decidedly un-cake-like. I’ve made many brownies in my search for the perfect brownie recipe.  I’ve made … More Hershey’s Best Brownies