Homemade Sno Balls

The Oscars are on tonight, and that means the last of the 12 Days of Oscar over here.  Today’s film is only nominated for one Oscar, and many agree that it should have been nominated for more.  Saving Mr. Banks is nominated for Best Original Score.  If you haven’t seen it- and you really should- … More Homemade Sno Balls


In Olympics news yesterday, Steven Holcomb and Steven Langston won the U.S. its first two-man bobsleigh medal since 1952, a bronze.  Figure skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the first-ever U.S. gold medal in Olympic ice dancing.  The U.S. women’s ice hockey team beat Sweden 6-1 and will face Canada for the gold medal. … More Skolleboller


The official start to my Summer Olympics series is a nod to Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne hosted the 1956 Summer Games. Because of an equine quarantine, all equine events were hosted in Stockholm months prior to the Opening Ceremonies of the 1956 games, giving Stockholm co-host status. The Melbourne Summer Olympics were the first to be … More Lamingtons