The 2012 London Summer Olympics are down to the Closing Ceremonies (which are underway in London as I write this post, but won’t be aired on tv for a few hours here).  All 302 victory ceremonies have taken place, with the last gold medal of these Games being awarded to Laura Asadauskaite of Lithuania in the … More Caipirinha

Fish and Chips

In Olympic news yesterday, the USA women’s relay team took the 4x100m relay gold medal, setting a new world record of 40.82 seconds.  The Russian synchronized swimming team held onto their title, winning gold in that event.  The US men’s basketball team will face Spain for the gold medal round, having defeated Argentina yesterday.  Columbia’s … More Fish and Chips

Peking Dumplings

In Olympic news yesterday, the US women’s football (soccer) team defeated Japan to win their third consecutive Olympic gold medal.  Jamaican runner Usain Bolt took gold in the 200m sprint event, just days after winning his third consecutive gold in the men’s 100m event.  Bolt is now the first man to ever win the sprint … More Peking Dumplings

Tim-Tam Cookies

Today’s post honors the 2000 Sydney Australia Summer Olympics. The Sydney Games, dubbed “the safest games ever,” saw 199 nations compete, with eighty of them taking home a medal. The triathlon and taekwondo were new sports, and women’s events were added in the modern pentathlon and weight lifting. Some may remember the scandal concerning the … More Tim-Tam Cookies